What to Wear

This is your photo session, so wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Each session is unique and should portray your individuality. These are just a few tips to aid you in your wardrobe decisions:

  • Choose a color scheme based on colors that would coordinate with your home décor and the season. Everyone’s colors should coordinate, but not be matchy-matchy. A good base color would be tones of grey, black, and cream; pops of color can be used as a top layer or in accessories. Don’t forget to coordinate with (but don’t match) your pet. So, if your dog is white, avoid wearing the same color so you don’t blend together.
  • Layer and accessorize. Layers help add visual interest and texture. Patterns are also a great addition as a base layer or accessory. Just make sure that the patterns coordinate and don’t overpower the image. Be careful with small striped patterns as they can create an optical illusion in your photos. Also, let your personality shine with your choice of accessories (scarves, jewelry, blazers, and sweaters just to name a few).
  • Dress comfortably. You may be sitting, standing, running, and playing; so comfort is key! Make sure you also dress for the location and the weather.
  • Don’t forget your pet! Perhaps your dog is dashing in a bow tie or their favorite accessory. Your pet can have a little fun with the photo session, too!

Tips to Rock Your Session (for you & your pet)

You and your pet can do this, and your session will even be fun (for both of you)! These are just a few tips to help your session go smoothly and keep your pet looking their best.

  • If your pet will need to be groomed, schedule it within the week before their session (or the appropriate timing for their fur to grow to your liking). I don’t recommend grooming them the same day, as this could make for a stressful day for your pet. Make sure your pet is brushed, clean, and looking their best for their close-up. Also, wipe away any eye goobers so we can focus on that adorable face.
  • If the session is taking place at your home, make sure to do a quick poop cleanup in your yard. I’m sure you’d appreciate not having that in your photos, and I will appreciate not having to kneel in it.
  • Arrive early enough to your session to walk your dog around a little to get a bit of that initial excitement out and familiarize them with the location. However, don’t walk around too much if it’s a warm day; we don’t want that tongue hanging to the ground. This will also give them a chance to potty so they are more comfortable and less anxious during the session.
  • If you are bringing your pet’s favorite treat or toy, make sure to keep it hidden until I ask for it. We don’t want your pet to lose focus or have wild eyes for their photos.
  • Bring water along (especially on hot days) so your pet can relax and get refreshed during their session.
  • A rag may be useful to wipe away any slobber or dew from your pet’s paws.
  • Be patient. Remember, pets feed off of our energy. So, if you stay calm and relaxed, your pet will be much more at ease and cooperative during their session.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! If your family and your pet are enjoying the session, your images will shine!

Do you have more questions?