Would you like to find a St. Louis family and pet photographer to capture your family’s connection with your pet and tell your story?

Our pets are special members of our family, and they bring so much unconditional love to our lives. Their lovable personality and goofy smile could brighten anyone’s day. Your pet’s connection with your family is a special memory that you will want to remember forever.

Photographs capture those memories of the bond your family shares with your pet and their goofy personality that brightens your day. That lovable face can be preserved in an image that hangs on your wall and serves as a daily reminder of the love your pet brings into your family’s life. Each family’s story is unique, and yours is a timeless treasure to be remembered.

So, if you would like for me to capture your pet’s personality and the connection they share with your family; let me take you on a journey so you can get to know if my photography style is a right fit for you.

“Diana has captured moments of my family that I will treasure forever. Her patience and talent can be seen in every shot! I would recommend her to everyone I know!” – Susan

Custom Pet and Family Photography Sessions

Each session is customized to meet your pet and family’s needs and show your personal style. Your pet may be most comfortable in their own surroundings, which will allow their quirky and lovable traits to show. Many of the family and pet sessions do take place in outdoor park settings using beautiful natural light. Where you choose to have your session is up to you, though.

While I will capture your family’s beautiful faces in some posed shots, I also like to capture those fun candid moments. So, photo sessions are very relaxed, and I often suggest something silly or a fun game to play to capture those in between moments.

Don’t worry if you think your pet wouldn’t cooperate for your family photos. With my background training dogs and calm demeanor, I can help your pet feel more comfortable so we can get the photos you’ll love of their adorable faces. We’ll also take our time and let your pet direct the photo session so we can capture those candid family moments as well.

Here are some of my favorite St. Louis family and pet photography sessions:

Natural St. Louis Pet & Family Photography: H Family

With a little patience (and some treats), we were able to capture many fun moments with this St. Louis family and their beloved pet during their photography session. See more

Fun Outdoor St. Louis Pet and Family Photography Session: P Family

Two fluffy dogs bring a whole lot of love to this family. Their fall session was full of snuggles, adorable faces, and one happy pet family! See more

Custom St. Louis End of Life Pet Photography: Tyson’s In Home Portrait Session

This dog’s home is filled with fun, love, and special memories; and did I mention love? We captured some special moments for this family during their dog’s end of life photography session that they’ll love to look back on. See more

Outdoor St. Louis Senior Dog Portrait Photography: Miss Roxie

This spirited, senior dog loved spending time with her Mom at the park for her portrait photography session! We even had a little fun along the way. See more

Natural St. Louis Family and Pet Photography Session in Tower Grove Park: B Family

A lovely couple, their two adorable dogs, a St. Louis park, and a beautiful fall morning; that’s what I call the perfect recipe for a great outdoor family photo session! See more

Adorable Outdoor St. Louis Family and Pet Photo Session: C Family

A fluffy puppy, a great couple, and gorgeous fall light was all this session needed. Warning: There is a whole lot of cuteness in this session. See more

“Thank you again for the beautiful pictures of my dogs.  You did an amazing job (especially with my nervous girl). She is usually so camera shy, and I think that you captured her personality beautifully!” – Michelle

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