Being constantly surrounded by dogs definitely has its perks. Not only do I get to enjoy working with some amazing dogs, but I also have many muses to practice my photography techniques on lots of different personalities and breeds. As a dog trainer at Canine Life Skills just outside of St. Louis, you’ll also find me perfecting my pet photography craft with many of the dogs that come through for training. Not only do I get to enjoy doing all of the things that I love, but it’s also a great distraction for the dogs as they work on their training skills.

This fall, we had lots of different dogs come through that found themselves in front of my camera for a quick photo session. We had all types of dogs, from big to small and puppies to adults. Each had their own distinct personalities (with some of the smallest ones having the mightiest personalities). Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons, with all of the colors and plenty of leaves to play in! I love how the colorful leaves make some of the best backdrops to highlight those lovable dog personalities for their portraits!

Here are a few of the dogs I got to photograph this Fall while they were here for training.

Natural St. Louis Pet Photography

He was such a handsome German Shepherd to photograph!

Fun St. Louis Shepherd Photo

He also had some great expressions for his portraits.

Beautiful Ballwin Pet Portraits

What a fun dog to photograph!

Adorable Webster Groves Dog Photography

Look at this cute, little Beagle puppy!

St. Louis Small Dog Portraits

This deaf, pint-size puppy held still for a second for her portrait.

Fun St. Louis Pet Portrait

I love that sweet face!

Outdoor Hillsboro Dog Photographer

I think she spotted the treat.

Natural Kirkwood Dog Photography

What a dog model!

Relaxed Rock Hill Pet Photography

She took a little break during her session.

Custom St. Louis Puppy Photography

Oh, that sweet Beagle face!

Natural St. Louis Dog Photography

I love a good head tilt in a dog portrait!

Outdoor St. Louis Dog Portraits

The serious look.

Natural Hillsboro Pet Photography

The candid look.

Outdoor St. Louis Dog Photo

And the relaxed look (or as relaxed as a Shepherd gets).

Natural St. Louis Puppy Photos

There was lots of personality in this little puppy!

Fun St. Louis Puppy Photographer

During his photography session, he took a quick second to check out my noises before he went back to eating the leaves.

Natural Outdoor St. Louis Dog Photography

Here’s another little dog model!

Custom Ladue Pet Photography

What a cute little dog!

Custom St. Louis Dog Portrait Photography

We found some color for his portraits.

Candid St. Louis Dog Photographer

We took advantage of his many sides during his photo session.

Outdoor St. Louis Puppy Portraits

We found some fun things to get on for this puppy’s photos.

Adorable Kirkwood Dog Portraits

He’s rocking that look!

Custom St. Louis Pet Portrait Photography

I LOVE this sweet Shepherd face!

Hi, I’m Diana! I love capturing our pet’s goofy (but lovable) personalities and their connection with our families and human BFFs. As both a photographer and dog trainer, I can help your pet (and you) feel more comfortable so we can capture the expressions, personalities, and candid moments that you will want to remember forever. Take a look around and contact me to personalize your own custom session.