This sweet Vizsla dog had so much fun at her outdoor photography session! She may have wondered why her people took the afternoon off for a trip to the park, but she didn’t care! She got to explore all of the smells, watch the ducks, run around on a beautiful fall day, and hang out with her favorite humans. What more could a dog ask for?


During this family’s photography session, we explored the beautiful sights of Forest Park and took advantage of the gorgeous fall day. This spry, 10 year old, fun-loving dog was having so much fun that she didn’t even notice that she was the star attraction for her family’s portrait event. She was so busy watching everything and giving her people loving kisses that she couldn’t have cared less about this photographer snapping away! Did I mention that she loves to give kisses? The camera even got a few kisses!

Fun Outdoor St. Louis Dog Photography

This fun-loving dog certainly was the star of her family’s photography session!

Candid St. Louis Dog Family Portraits

She loves giving her Dad kisses!

Fun Outdoor St. Louis Pet Family Photography

They are such a sweet dog-loving family!

Fun Kirkwood Dog Photography

One of the many varied looks of this goofy Vizsla.

Natural St. Louis Dog Portraits

This dog was certainly full of personality!

Fun Kirkwood Pet Family Photography

She loves her family…a lot!

Custom St. Louis Pet Family Photography

This dog was always on the move, but we caught stationary moments here and there.

Outdoor St. Louis Family Dog Portrait Photography

I love a good ear perk! Those animal noises did the trick!

Outdoor St. Louis Dog Portrait Photography

We caught her in a moment of thought.

Natural St. Louis Family Photography

The family enjoyed hanging out on a beautiful fall day for their session.

Fun Outdoor St. Louis Pet Photography

What a goofy dog!

Natural St. Louis Pet Photography

What a lovely profile this dog has!

Fun Outdoor St. Louis Dog Family Photography

This family was rocking their photo session…even the dog!

Candid Kirkwood Pet Portraits

What a ham, posing for the camera.

Candid St. Louis Pet Portrait Photography

I think she smells ducks!

Outdoor St. Louis Family Pet Portrait Photography

We got her to stay put for one more shot.

Natural St. Louis Pet Portraits

We found the ducks!

Natural Ladue Pet Photography

And more ducks…

Outdoor Hillsboro Pet Photography

So many ducks!

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